Part 2: Ideas

Exercise: An Objective Drawing


Take an item form the list below and explore it visually to become aware of its textures, physical qualities and function. what it the item for – what does it do?

  • Shoe
  • Umbrella
  • Pair of trousers
  • Pair of glasses
  • Hat

Using a pencil or fine liner do an objective drawing of your object on an A4 sheet. You are trying to achieve a drawing that has a high degree of visual accuracy and is technically controlled. Be analytical and use drawing to clearly convey this visual information.

You are trying to record what you see in this drawings be aware of the relative scale of different elements of your object and vary line quality to suggest its contours. You may find that if you place your item on a white surface you can observe it more easily. Colour is reflected by white and you will be less distracted by background contrasts.

I selected a pair of glasses for this exercise.

Attempting to objectively draw a pair of glasses (click on image for larger version – opens in new tab).

As with the previous exercise, I found it very beneficial being forced to do an observational drawing. I chose to use pencil as I do not feel confident enough to go straight in with fine liners. Overall, I felt fairly pleased with the outcome, although how much it can be considered non-subjective is open to question. I do not think it is clear in terms of the function of the object or the proportions, but I also thought unless you create a completely technical-style drawing of an object, it is very hard not to see something subjectively. I guess this is what I need to work on so I can represent what is actually in front of me rather than what I think I see.